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Recognized as Pretoria’s premier home builders, we define the concept of a home and bring people’s dreams into reality by constructing their dream homes exactly the way they want. Our experience in the industry has made us a formidable force when it comes to searching for the best material, providing affordable labour and constructing unique designs. Our new home builders Pretoria service focuses on the needs of the clients, identifies the desires and transforms them into spectacular results. There is absolutely no need to wait any longer, let our experienced building professionals do the job for you.

house builders pretoria

As the world turns its attention on energy saving designs in electronics and many other things, our contractors provide the same in the housing industry. Our contractors love the environment, hence they strive to make your new building as energy friendly as possible. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, we are dedicated towards the provision of full service and design exactly the way our clients need. If you do not have a house plan in advance, you do not have to feel confused since our new home building contractor Pretoria has thousands of renowned plans that you can choose from. Simply make a call to our friendly customer care team, ask for house plans or building services and we will arrange for a meeting as soon as possible.

We follow the national building regulations set by the South African government, hence you can be sure that all the services we provide are top notch. Our specialists are armed with modern equipment that not only ensures they reach you on time, but also work efficiently from new home design & build to finish. Our house-building specialists are best you can find and they provide services never found anywhere else. We also offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Get in touch with our trained professionals whenever you are thinking of building a new home Pretoria and we will not disappoint.

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