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Materials to Use for Building and Construction

The art of building and construction is probably as old as mankind. Back in the day, the structures being developed were simple and did not require much. Furthermore, tools were readily available. A lot has changed over the years since the emergence of bricklayers and other craftsmen like carpenters.

Building construction is simply the construction of buildings. Currently, you will need a plan or design, followed by a financial estimate of the project and finally legal considerations. Out of all these factors, the materials will consume a big part of your budget. Therefore, it is imperative that you pay a significant amount of attention to the various types of materials available. Various factors will influence your ultimate choice of materials.


This is a mixture of coarse aggregate and fluid cement in the case of a building structure. It could be asphalt concrete when bitumen is used in place of cement during road constructions. Some of the first people to use this material were the Romans. It was very popular until the collapse of the Roman Empire. However, its popularity was to pick up once more in the mid-18th century after re-development of technology. Today it is the material that is used in most constructions.


In most constructions, steel is used mainly as a reinforcement. We have various types of steel being in different cases. However, the most common one is the mild steel. This could be because of its ability to withstand temperature variations, and having high tolerance levels.


It is one of the oldest construction materials. It occurs naturally hence can be found easily. Nevertheless, there are different sets of qualities that vary depending on the type of tree. Industrialized countries have gone a step further to invent engineered wood such as plywood. The most important point is to use the right wood for the appropriate construction.


Ever since its invention, glass has always been part and parcel of building and construction. Most of the times it is used to cover windows because of its ability to let in light and protect you from harsh weather conditions. The material is made by mixing sand and silicates then heating them in a kiln. You could alter its appearance and quality by adding additives to the mixture.


This is the oldest building material known to man. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is readily available. Some of the greatest architectural structures were built purely with stone. Good examples would be the pyramids which have remained strong to this day. The stones also vary in appearance and quality. Italy and India are some of the countries with the best stones for construction.

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