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Is your basement filled with unwanted stuff and looking unsafe? Do you want to give it more life and even convert it into a more useful place? We are the leading loft and basement conversion experts in Pretoria and we look forward to ensuring that all your conversion needs are well met. We understand that our clients have varying needs, therefore, instead of applying a general formula in your project as most companies do, we believe in offering a more personalized approach to the situation. When you choose our reputable basement conversions Pretoria team, be assured of satisfactory services that meet all your requirements.

basement conversions pretoria

We have accumulated over 40 years of experience in the basement and loft conversion industry as well as extensions. Our basements are designed with you in mind and we strive to make use of the reclaimed space in the best way possible. We love working with our clients, your views are therefore more than welcome. Whether you want a playroom, home-office, an en-suite bathroom or any other purpose, we are capable of transforming your loft or basement into any of these. We aim for the best standards, hence we will stop at nothing to ensure that you get the best loft conversion Pretoria service.

Through experience, we know that the kind of basement you have will determine how it is to be converted. Before our loft extension Pretoria team even begins working on your basement, we survey your building on many aspects and draw a conclusion on the best way to work through our conversion or basement extension process. Our professional contractors keep our clients informed all through the stages of the project from completion to the very end. Get in touch with our reliable company professionals for the best basement excavations and conversions at affordable rates.

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